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City Repair Founder Mark Lakeman to Speak at Yestermorrow

By Kate Stephenson, Executive Director
Visionary architect, permaculturist, and community-renewal advocate Mark Lakeman will present a public lecture at Yestermorrow on Tuesday, March 25. Lakeman is the principal of the community architecture and planning firm Communitecture, Inc., as well as the co-founder of the Portland, Oregon-based non-profit place-making organization City Repair...

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Woodworking Student Drew Chambers Goes with the Grain

  Sitting down in the Yestermorrow South Studio to design a very elaborate pencil box, Woodworking Certificate student Drew Chambers reflects on the program, now in its fourth week.  “Wood is something we all know with our eyes closed. But understanding how it grows, how it’s milled, and how it wants to behave are...

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By Nic Tuff             As permaculture continues to permeate the agricultural and ecological landscape – in backyards, farms and eco-villages – some forward-thinking practitioners are seeing the potential of this revolutionary design philosophy to be utilized at a more...

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Regenerative Design Certificate Redux by Jesce Walz

  Yestermorrow's Regenerative Design Certificate program, led by Joel Glanzberg (, expanded my sense of possibility and hope. It drew connections between my interests in design, building, community, and process, it provided practical ideas for application, and offered examples of projects done by individuals...

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