June 2019

Alumni Spotlight: Talor Stewart

By Chrissy Bellmyer, Operations Director

Talor Stewart attended Yestermorrow in 1998 as a student in a course called Design Build of Sustainable Structures with Steve Badanes and Bill Bialosky. In the 20 years since his course, his career has grown and evolved. Talor studied Architecture at the Boston Architectural College and Landscape Design History at the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard. An award-winning designer, his work has been recognized for contributions in the Intentional Community, Green Design, and Conscious Design spaces. He provides design services to clients throughout the United States and select places internationally. As an architect, project manager, and design consultant, Talor has worked on single and multi-family homes and communities for people who live a conscious lifestyle. He works with individuals to help them shape their outer environment in a way that reflects and supports their personal choices and lifestyle goals. Combining the best of East and West, he applies the practical science of architecture and construction while incorporating the eastern arts of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra to design spaces well suited for intentional living. He recently wrote a book called Conscious Home Design. It’s a book about looking deeply at the things that really make life meaningful - relationships, health, creativity, feeling connected to our sense of purpose. He recently gave us an update on his book and what he's been up to.

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Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Gill

By Becca Kisner
We caught up with Kelly Gill, an alumni of the Design/Build Semester program in 2016. Kelly called in from St. Louis, where she is deep into her first semester of the Master of Architecture program at the Sam Fox School of Architecture and Urban Design at Washington University. What brought you to Yestermorrow? I’m from LA. I...

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