Natural Building Certificate

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Our six-week Natural Building Certificate is a unique course of study providing hands-on exploration of earthen and natural elements and the means by which they can be used to create structures and shelter. From the design and planning stages through the finishing touches, students will gain comfort and experience working with straw, wood, clay, sand, stone, water, and lime as they design, erect, shape, sculpt, and detail the walls, roofs, and floors that enclose healthy, comfortable, and low-impact living spaces. The program includes an Introduction to Natural Building, as well as segments on Insulative Natural Wall Systems, Thermally Massive Natural Wall Systems, Natural Plasters, Advanced Plaster Techniques, Earthen Floors, Natural Paints & Finishes, and will conclude with individual practicum projects and presentations. The Natural Building Certificate provides the opportunity to develop a range of natural building skills for owner-builders and aspiring professional natural builders alike.

Tuition is $5000 + a $75 materials fee plus food and lodging.  There are no prerequisites for entering the program. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the program is full.  To apply for the full six-week program, please contact us at 802-496-5545 or email for more information. The Natural Building Certificate is scheduled for May 8 through June 16, 2017.



AIA Credit Courses, Natural Building


Beginner, Intermediate


  • Sterling College: 15 Continuing Education Units ($1950 additional)
  • AIA: 210 HSW Learning Units