Natural Building Certificate

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Our Natural Building Certificate is a unique course of study providing hands-on exploration of earthen and natural elements and the means by which they can be used to create high-performance structures and shelter. Students will gain comfort and experience working with straw, wood, clay, sand, stone, water, and lime as they learn the proper application of these materials in any climate. The program includes an Introduction to Natural Building, as well as segments on Insulative Natural Wall Systems, Thermally Massive Natural Wall Systems, Natural Plasters, Advanced Plaster Techniques, Earthen Floors, and Natural Paints & Finishes. The Natural Building Certificate provides the opportunity to develop a range of natural building skills for owner-builders and aspiring professional natural builders alike.


Formal class sessions take place on weekdays only unless otherwise noted. Limited scholarships are available for this program.


"Being able to learn in the classroom and then apply it at full scale in a hands on setting is awesome. I don't get enough opportunity to do that at architecture school. Being able to engage with actual building and not just the idea of
"buildings" is something I relish."

"The Program is very well designed, there are many strong parts which are coming together as one very strong course curriculum!"

I feel lucky to have had each person come teach the class. They were all knowledgeable on the subjects and active in the field. Each person gave a detailed lesson in their expertise and I feel the impact from all of them



AIA Credit Courses, Certificate Program, Whole Structure Design/Build


Beginner, Intermediate


  • Sterling College: 8 Continuing Education Units ($1040 additional)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA): 140 Learning Units

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