The Art of Stone

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This five-day course will teach the art of building with natural stone and the intelligence and logic behind it. The goal is to build a series of sculptural elements culminating in an arched entryway. Class discussions will include the science behind an arch and engineering the wooden form for its support while under construction. Taking things outside, we’ll create the footings and talk about stone types and wall form and structure. The lay of the land and the interests of the class participants will define the design, including exactly what and where we will build. This course will take you beyond basic stone masonry and into the realm of stonework as an art form.

Student Testimonial:
In brief, I had one of the best adventures of my adult life at Yestermorrow. Thea is an extraordinary person, down to Earth and rich with competence end enthusiasm. All of which she generously shared with our group. With her firm and tender leadership, our group quickly became a team and we accomplished building a six-foot Moongate. I called it, at the very least, the 12th wonder of the world!
As well, I so enjoyed our team, laughing a lot with them, and too, shared some memorable stories. The staff was friendly and helpful, like where to buy good wine! And, Adie (Design Build Intern) built me a 36" arch form. The meals at Yestermorrow where delicious, and I always looked forward to them.

-Cliff H.




AIA Credit Courses, Land and Community Planning


All levels


  • Sterling College: 2 Continuing Education Units ($260 additional)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA): 37 HSW Learning Units

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