Planned Giving

You can help Yestermorrow thrive as a sustainable organization by including Yestermorrow in your estate plans.  There are several different ways to do this:

  • Include Yestermorrow in your will
  • Name Yestermorrow as a beneficiary of your IRA or Life Insurance Policy

Bequests—whether large or small—ensure that Yestermorrow will thrive long into the future.  You can make certain that the school offers the finest design/build education for decades to come.  When you make a bequest to Yestermorrow, your love of the school will live on.  Here’s how. 

Include Yestermorrow in Your Estate Plans:

The easiest way to ensure that your love of Yestermorrow can live on is to include Yestermorrow in your will or estate plan. When you make this choice, it doesn’t cost you anything right now.

You can:

a) Name Yestermorrow as a beneficiary of a percentage of your estate,

b) Designate an actual amount of money from your estate, or

c) Indicate Yestermorrow as a contingent beneficiary, in case one or more of your specific bequests cannot be fulfilled.


Include Yestermorrow in your IRA or Life Insurance Policy plans:

While most assets are distributed based on the terms of you have in your will, IRAs, Life Insurance policies, and Life Insurance Annuities are distributed based on what you say on beneficiary forms.

You can:

a) Name Yestermorrow as a partial or full beneficiary of an IRA, Life Insurance Policy, or Life Insurance Annuity, or

b) Name Yestermorrow as a secondary beneficiary, should your primary beneficiaries not be available.

To make Yestermorrow a beneficiary, simply ask for a Change of Beneficiary Form from the custodian of your IRA, your retirement account, or the Life Insurance Company. You can decide to give Yestermorrow a pre-determined amount of money or a percentage of the assets. Then sign, date and return the form to the company.

Because Yestermorrow is a not-for-profit organization, it will receive these donations without any tax being paid.

Donate stocks or real estate to Yestermorrow. It’s easy. To learn more about giving assets to Yestermorrow, please contact [email protected].