December 2016

Myths and Magic Surrounding the PreFab Boom

By John Connell, Board Chair Emeritus / Vice Chair
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Though currently the darling of residential design & construction media, prefab is much more than a passing fashion. Prefab is here to stay. Doubt it? Just consider today’s door or window products. Only a generation ago these items were hand-built on site. And similar transformations have taken place with kitchen cabinets, fireplaces, flooring, tile, shower bases, stairs (circular and conventional), roof hatches, chimneys…..these site fabricated building parts are now mostly made in factories. We even have custom pre-cast foundations delivered to the site (Superior Wall Inc.).

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How this creativity course uncovered the visual artist in me

By Renata Watts
Image created by Renata F. Watts
I’d been longing to head up to Yestermorrow, a design-build school in the Mad River Valley in Vermont. The school’s motto is “think with your hands,” which struck a chord with me. First, because I attended a Montessori school from preschool through Grade 5 (Montessori advocates for hands-on learning). Second, because sometime after...

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Yestermorrow and Conway: A three dimensional education

By Helmi Hunin

Helmi Hunin ’16 is one of several Conway alums who have taken advantage of a partnership between Conway and the Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield, VT, that includes a Conway scholarship for Yestermorrow graduates, and discounts on Yestermorrow courses for Conway alums. Here, she shares some reflections on attending both institutions. All photos, including the image from Yestermorrow above, are credited Helmi Hunin and should not be reused without permission of the author. This guest blogpost was originally featured on December 1, 2016 on the Conway School's blog.

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