A Reflection on the Last Day of the 2016 Semester in Sustainable Design Build

Excerpt from the 2016 Semester Program's Tumblr blog.

As the last day dawned on the 2016 Design Build Semester program, we prepared to show to the world the culmination of our efforts.  It has been a long time since we were eight strangers canoeing around Kettle Pond and annoying Jacob with word games, but in that time we have grown together not only as a team but as individuals.  During our open house we were able to walk friends and family through four months of work on paper, screen, and site with individual showcases and a house tour.  We may not have finished the project, but we can take comfort that every decision we made was backed by thorough research and a commitment to both the client and the planet.  Looking back on all that was accomplish, each and every one of us can say that this has been one of the best experiences of our lives and that the relationships we built here will be ones that last a lifetime.  A big thank you goes out to Eric, Jacob, Jesse, and Lizabeth for being skilled and patient instructors as well as the whole Yester-crew in the kitchen and office keeping the whole show running.  This is Team Y signing off for this semester, can’t wait to see what happens next.

2016 Semester Program Final Presentation slideshow

Project timelapse video

from Yestermorrow Design/Build School's channel on Vimeo.

This is a time lapse over the 17-weeks of the 2016 Yestermorrow-UMass Amherst Semester in Sustainable Design Build Program. Edited by semester alumnae Kelly Gill.