October 2016

Cameron McMahon: Marine, Student, Entrepreneur

By Chrissy Bellmyer, Operations Director
Marine, Student, Entrepreneur
In 2012, I completed my service to the United States Marine Corps Infantry. Thanks to the GI Bill, I was finally in a place financially where I was able to pursue my plans full time.  I had heard of Yestermorrow for years and even helped a friend tow an outhouse that a class built over the Ap. Gap to their home. Admittedly, I...

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Beyond the Valley

By Mike Crowley, Executive Director
Yestermorrow students are do-ers. Whether they’re professionals, aspiring professionals, changemakers or do-it-yourselfers, they represent a movement of people who actively build the world they want to occupy. Our new blog series, Beyond the Valley, celebrates the many achievements of the Yestermorrow community and introduces...

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