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Students Build Fayston Elementary School Outdoor Classroom

By Kate Stephenson, Executive Director

Staff at the elementary school in nearby Fayston, Vermont were looking to create a natural “playscape” and outdoor learning space. They turned to Yestermorrow to build the center piece for their new playground and the Design/Build for Public Interest class was tasked with its creation and installation.

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Tiny House Design/Build - a student's perspective

by Maggie McBride, Summer Intern Students check out the trailer for Katie's tiny house. There is something special about gathering people together to build a house for a friend. For two weeks I was immersed in a world that I had spent years dreaming, drooling and desiring existed....

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Willow Ribbed Canoe: It Takes a Poet to Build a Canoe

Maggie McBride, Summer Intern   If you want to learn how to build a boat using age old wisdom and not much more than your two hands, this is a great class. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I signed up for the course. I just knew that I love canoeing and the possibility of being able to build my own was very exciting...

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Woodworking Certificate Student Hank Brakely Goes Krenovian!

“Live the life that you want to live. Don’t be unhappy in your work”     -James Krenov Early in the Woodworking Certificate program, Hank Brakely was introduced to the work of master furnituremaker, James Krenov (1920-2009), who began his career in Sweden before moving to Northern California to start the Fine Furniture...

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A Sphere-Making Jig Named Tom

Come up with a project that isn’t rectilinear. That was Meg McIntyre’s self-motivated mission for the Small Scale Design/Build segment of the Woodworking Certificate program. “I was trying to find a way to make practical furniture that had more curves and fewer edge elements, so I drew this sketch of a coffee table with stacked spheres....

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