Students Build Fayston Elementary School Outdoor Classroom

Staff at the elementary school in nearby Fayston, Vermont were looking to create a natural “playscape” and outdoor learning space. They turned to Yestermorrow to build the center piece for their new playground and the Design/Build for Public Interest class was tasked with its creation and installation.Students built a “climbable” structure with graduated seating to set this new vision in motion. They also built a set of large 3-D Tetris blocks to act as seating and movable play elements. The structure was built from locally milled pine and cedar, sourced just down the road from the school.
Student Emma Costello said “we created a structure that would ultimately be expanded on. It was a thought-provoking design challenge and very rewarding to see the results of our hard work and set the tone for a larger vision.” The kids love it too!