Yestermorrow Projects are Supporting Players in Walk Against Global Warming

With his frustration at government inaction bubbling over, noted writer, environmentalist, and activist Bill McKibben, took to the streets in an effort to make the voice of the people heard. He organized a five-day March Against Global Warming over Labor Day weekend, beginning at the old summer cabin of Robert Frost in Ripton, Vermont, and winding it's way to Burlington for a culminating rally. Village green meetings were held each evening at stops along the way. Several Yestermorrow staffers participated in sections of the walk.

Yestermorrow was also thrilled to provide technical and structural support to event. Our Mobile Solar Power Generating Unit, built in our 2005 Installing an Independent Solar Power System workshop, travelled the entire route, collecting energy by day, and providing it each evening as the power source for the PA system that allowed the voice of the people to be heard as they exhorted our leaders to take action.

A recent class project, the Mobile Writer's Cabin, designed and constructed by our 2006 Community Design/Build class housed McKibben on the fourth night of the walk, during his stop at Shelburne Farms. McKibben is quoted as saying,

The mobile writing cabin--henceforth to be known as either the WordShip or the Sentence Structure--is a thing of great beauty and utility, and I slept like a baby within its comforting confines. I'm thinking of ordering one for myself and giving up my home.

Yestermorrow is pleased to have participated in this important event.