Yestermorrow Instructor Thea Alvin Featured in Vermont Magazine

Check out the great article and photos of stonemason Thea Alvin in the current issue of Vermont Magazine! Thea will be offering two Yestermorrow courses this summer as part of her busy schedule-- The Art of Stone, July 5-10th and Art in the English Garden, July 19-27 (a travel study trip to England building stone walls and arches).

Quite the world traveller, "..she was recently in Arizona, leading a seminar of executives in the intricate skill of building a stone arch (the lesson— out of hard work comes balance and harmony). She was recently in England,finishing a grotto at a country estate. She spent a month in China, where she built ten arches from bricks, tiles, slate and marble. She also has built stone sculpture in Canada, France and Italy; in fact, Thea wants to travel the world, leaving works of stone art behind."-- Vermont Magazine, March/April 2009