Yestermorrow Gets Active for Energy

Dear Yestermorrow Community:

I think it goes without saying that we are in a pickle when it comes to energy, global warming, and a whole host of other issues that revolve around or are related to the way we design and build our homes and communities. The problems are so serious and widespread that the Yestermorrow Board decided that the school could no longer stand on the sidelines and grumble. We took the extraordinary step last Friday of changing our by-laws to allow the board, staff and instructors to lobby where appropriate and needed.

Our first official action under this new regime is to call on Vermonters to contact Governor Douglas and ask him not to veto H-520 which is a key piece of legislation that would provide increased incentives and assistance to promote energy conservation and renewables. It is not a perfect bill, but is one that was fairly negotiated and endorsed by groups such as Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

We hope that Governor Douglas will listen to reason and take this action that helps all Vermonters take the right steps for our planet and our children. If he does not listen, then there will be an effort to override the veto in the legislature. Contact the Governor now at the below link and also let your local legislators know how you feel.

Let's lead the way so that others may follow,

Bob Ferris
Executive Director