student impact

How this creativity course uncovered the visual artist in me

By Renata Watts
Image created by Renata F. Watts
I’d been longing to head up to Yestermorrow, a design-build school in the Mad River Valley in Vermont. The school’s motto is “think with your hands,” which struck a chord with me. First, because I attended a Montessori school from preschool through Grade 5 (Montessori advocates for hands-on learning). Second, because sometime after...

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Claire Adams: On the right path

By Dan Eckstein, Curriculum Director

Growing up in Manhattan, Claire Adams has always had a fascination with buildings and urban spaces. The juxtaposition of old versus new, of density versus public space. Her high school sat on the artificial landscape of Battery Park City, literally reclaimed from the Hudson River; yet the historic neighborhoods of Soho and Chinatown were a short walk away. This interest led her to formal academic studies in landscape history, urban studies, and landscape architecture at Smith College, which has proved fulfilling to a point. But she was nagged by an intrigue in how those buildings and spaces were created – a desire to participate in the actual experience of ‘making.’ She tracked down and enrolled in Yestermorrow’s Semester in Sustainable Design/Build during her junior year. It offered the opportunity to get the hard skills she sought, while still allowing her to earn academic credit toward her degree.

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