Skillsharing at Yestermorrow

"So, what do you guys do at night?"

Well, some nights we share. Skills that is.

Interns are organizing a weekly Skillshare, to keep our minds, bodies and hands learning, even after hours. It gives us a chance to share something we care about with each other, and connect with students and staff members over more than beer and drywall screws.
This week, our woodshop intern, Patrick Black, shared his Shaolin Kung Fu practice with an eager group of students and interns. We cleared out the main studio and practiced our horse stance, eagle claws, and snap kicks. Turns out, Kung Fu roughly translates to "hard work," and it certainly was! We worked up a sweat, followed with a beer and some clips from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Stay tuned for Kate's sweater crafting next week. It's sure to be a wild and cute-packed evening.