Semester in Sustainable Design - Beginning Construction

October 16, 2018
By Madi Visser, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


--Written by Hannah

We have finally begun construction on our project!

We started in our tent on the yestermorrow campus. Here we made about six sections of the floor that were each about 4’x12’ that we could then place together on site. We then loaded these into the truck and headed out to the site!

On the site we had more work to do before we could put the floors up. First, we had to make posts that were all at the same height so that we had a level platform for the beams that would hold up our building to land on. We did this by using a laser level that allowed us to find points that were even heights across a distance.

We also assembled our beams. l these were made out of two by tens that were glued and screwed together. While doing this we had to be careful that the boards were flat and level. We also had to be careful that the boards butted up against each other so that we did not make a joint that would weaken the board.

The finished boards were 22 and 23 feet long and it took most of us working together to carry comfortably. Hopefully this week we will be able to attach them to the foundation and put our floors on!