The Return of the Speaker Series!

Yestermorrow Design/Build School announced this week that it will host two speakers on campus, presenting talks about sustainable architecture and construction that are free and open to the public. Both lectures will begin at 7:00 PM on campus at 7865 Main Street (Route 100) in Waitsfield.

Devilish Design

On Sunday, August 12, Steve Badanes of Jersey Devil Design/Build Group will present compelling images and stories of inventive, out-of-the-ordinary homes and structures. Attendees will learn about how design-builders use sustainable materials and energy efficiency principles in their work, while simultaneously creating visual effects that push the boundaries of architectural design.

The Beauty of Time Passing

On Wednesday, August 29, Yestermorrow will feature Duo Dickinson, an architect and author from Connecticut. When designers consider time as a design criteria, just as they do gravity, weather, or materials, a building’s beauty lasts longer than the photos. Taking examples from New England homes, libraries, chapels, and more, Duo introduces an approach to architecture that integrates history into the creation of new structures. Recognizing that the passage of time is inevitable allows artistry and aesthetics to be part of any design’s change over time. Duo released his book, A Home Called New England, last year with co-author.


Dessert and iced tea will be served on the campus lawn following each talk, where guests may continue the conversation and connect with the broader Yestermorrow community.