Perspective of a new employee:

I started working here about a month ago and I thought I would share what it is like to see and understand Yestermorrow for the first time…I learned about Yestermorrow when I was looking for a new place to live in Vermont.  My wife and I stumbled upon the campus and went in for a tour, I immediately felt as though it was a place I would like to know more about.  There was a position open that I was interested in, I applied and was hired. 
When I nervously walked in my first day, everyone was friendly and I got a first taste of what I hope Yestermorrow will be for me…A community of people interested in exploring different ways of doing things and investigating how we live at a fundamental level. I am particularly impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the students and interns. I have had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of student presentations, it never gets old to see people starting to find their way through a new subject and finding what may turn out to be a life- long passion. 
During my first week, I took a one day shop safety class that all new employees take. I happened to arrive at the same time as some of our new interns which gave me the opportunity to meet them and see what fun, funny and interesting people they are. I’ll admit to a little bit of jealousy of the interns. It is hard watching all the learning opportunities available here and trying to understand how and when I will be able to participate, while fulfilling my job responsibilities.  Yestermorrow has a real sense of place,  I can’t wait until I am passed the mired in details stage of a new job and can really experience and appreciate all that Yestermorrow has to offer.