The Night Before a Studio Review

September 17, 2018
By Madi Visser, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


--written by Hannah

Well guys it’s the end of week 4 and we have finished our second round of design critiques. We were able to successfully present our two designs to our clients and a panel of architects. We learned a lot about the design process and also that maybe spending 19+ hours in studio in one day might not be the best for our sanity.

There were many moments of stress. Fighting with our designs and technology.

And many moments of success.

A lot of experimentation was done. Some on our designs and even some with new unique head wear.

We tested ideas for plans and designs and even some very scientific testing of how many pens a person’s hair can hold.

With a little encouragement from our newfound friend named sketch-up.

And a lot of hard work.

We were able to turn the tornado of cardboard and trace paper we had created into two pretty successful projects. Exhausted mentally and physically we were able to make it to our critique but not before turning the chaos we made back into its neat and tidy state.



It was a long night of craziness and stress but it all paid off. Getting to sit with our clients and discuss designs has made the project start to feel real, generating excitement for what’s to come.