Mobile Movers & Shakers Descend on Yestermorrow

Two unique vehicles spent time parked at the Yestermorrow campus in the last week. First, the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station, a collaborative project investigating food culture in action, set up shop in our lower parking lot.
Nina DuBois and Jenn Hart-Mann in front of the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station.
The Seed Story Mobile has been traveling the country, visiting farmers, growers, and seed libraries; along the way, they've been listening to, recording, and broadcasting stories about pollinated seed networks, the ecology of urban and rural agricultural systems, and the meshwork of environmental concerns permeating food production today. Yestermorrow Certificate student Nina DuBois was onboard the Seed Story Mobile, supporting the work of her good friend Jenn Hart-Mann.

Just a few days later, Certificate in Sustainable Building & Design student Reid Rosemond visited Yestermorrow with the Sol Food Mobile Farm, his culminating Practicum project for the Certificate program. Reid collaborated with friends to create the Sol Food Mobile Farm as an experiential, hands-on teaching program based around planting and harvesting garden vegetables. The program operates out of a retrofitted school bus that is in the midst of a six-month tour around the United States, hosting workshops focusing on gardening, nutrition, composting, and alternative fuels. They hope to inspire individuals within these communities to foster a deep ethic of environmental stewardship in their local area.
Reid Rosemond and his Sol Food Mobile Farm.

We wish both groups the best of luck as they continue down the road!