Intern [Family] Business As Usual.

The eternal question: What happens when seven motivated individuals are placed in rural Vermont surrounded by a transient student population, institutional constraints, and a faculty (and region) dedicated to being brilliant eco-evolutionaries?

Answer: Chaos and magic. As interns we are an (un) intentional community, perpetuators of inspiration, dabblers in burnout, and all-in-all badass creators. Often we are building structures for the school, sometimes for ourselves. Take a look at what we’ve been working on this month.

A savvy lumber junkie who is slick with renovation and can build one mean canoe, Design/Build Architect-in-Training Nick inspects our main building in preparation for its (at-long-last) exterior steps.

Diggin’ on the Adirondack camp style, Design/Build Aficionado Jeff flavors red the window bucks which will serve as vibrant accents to our soon-to-be-finished Cabin 5.

[Industrial] Design/Builder Justin refines his wood-based construction techniques through stringer and tread creation, erasing the gap from lawn to interior, producing his first set of stairs.

Design/Build Connoisseur Jess's carpentry ingenuity flourishes as she lightens up her cave-like basement room by installing an interior window.

High-spirited Woodshop Goddess Gillian, after building multiple sheds for women in Portland and desiring freedom of motion, tackles her own (tiny) house on wheels.

Lovin’ the geometric perfection of it all, Community Embracing Faerie Jess builds a mini-geodesic dome meditation hut as a Burning Man-esque retreat space.

Farmer Josh, Kitchen Wizard and Garden Guru, blends nitrogen fixers with knock-out kale to convert the Yester-grounds into an air-healing, veggie-producing campus tapestry.