home design/build gets an A+

two fabulous weeks have culminated in the creation of the basis of an attendent booth destined for the barre, vt recycling center. staying true to the theme, we used salvaged wood, leftover paint, empty aluminum cans, and metal roofing turned siding to build a structure that will one day help enable others to properly dispose of their accumulated trash to treasure goodies. for the home design portion of the class, we had a broad range of projects and issues: an addition in alaska, a renovation for the dominican republic, new construction in chile, and a strawbale in the hills of kentucky~ a microcosm of diversity congealing in one, small design studio in the mountains of vermont. who'da thunk it?!? where else in the world can you get such a plethora of people and projects besides yestermorrow? nowhere, that's where. and the only way to experience this amazing conjunction of fabulosity is to come here and try it for yourself!