Founder John Connell on Home Page with Duo Dickson

by Duo Dickinson


Its the time of year in New England when homes “feel” the climate most: we need to generate enough heat to feel OK and prevent pipes from freezing – this means the machinery of that has many controls & moving parts: our windows and doors need to close TIGHT.

Our homes manifest the consequences of much larger realities, and weather is one of the largest realities we all are subjected to – each day, each season, each year – and now progressively – the climate is changing in a way that trends to higher temperatures, tides and insurance costs if you live anywhere where storms have impact. Whether “climate change” is a Chinese Hoax or the End of The World As Murdered By Capitalism we have to see our homes existing in some climate: and it is changing: MEANING: our homes are changing:

Joining Duo Dickinson in studio was Joe MacDougald: A law professor in residence and Strasser Fellow in Environmental Law at UConn: Joe is also the Executive Director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Law and the director Program in Energy & Environmental Law there – but more he has been the chair of the Madison Planning and Zoning Commission and is now the chair of its Finance Commission.

John Connell from Vermont called in to talk about about how he sees homes responding to the climate – an architect, author & artist, founder of the Yestermorrow School in Vermont has art and architecture degrees fro Penn, Yale, Sheridan College – he makes what he designs – helped found both the Custom Residential Architects Network and the Congress of Residential Architecture – and wrote both “Homing Instinct” and “The Inspired House”.

Dr. Rebecca French – A Native Nutmegger called in to give the uber overview of where houses are in the Big Picture of sustainability in a changing climate. She has worked at the EPA, been a Congressional Science Fellow, but most importantly she is currently the Director of Community Engagement at the University of Connecticut, Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation.

John Connell's interview starts at timestamp 16:03.