First Class

Today was my first day as a timberframer (apprentice). It's also my first full class as an intern. It feels a little strange to be out of the loop with the other interns who are still on facilities and project duties while I'm in class.

The day flew by incredibly quickly. Seth Kelley and Skip Dewhirst took us from bringing in the timbers to laying out our first joints to cutting or boring them by the end of the day. It's amazing to see a bunch of newbies working fastidiously to mark perfect lines and cut at the right spots. I'll try to include some pictures later this week that capture the intensity of our labors.

But the day is not finished yet. After dinner, we'll gather again and begin talking about the theory behind timberframing and see some pictures of projects that Seth and Skip have worked on.

I also have dish duty tonight, so I have to get back to the kitchen!