Doing Good In and Out of the Classroom/Studio/Shop

One of Yestermorrow's great strengths is our steadfast commitment to community exemplified by our own work in the Mad River Valley and by our courses in responsible community development and design. There is no true measure for the impact of these activities, but one indication that what we are doing is being noticed are mentions of our work and actions in The Valley Reporter--our Valley's weekly paper (

And this week was a big one for Yestermorrow:

Page 6: Article on Yestermorrow's new catalog for spring/summer classes

Page 11: Nearly full-page coverage with one article on taking personal responsibility for your carbon footprint and another on the actions of the Mad River Valley Carbon Shredders in putting forth climate change resolutions in 3 out of the 4 Valley towns in preparation for town meeting day. The Carbon Shredders were brought together by a team of folks from 7th Generation, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Yestermorrow. The Carbon Shredders use Yestermorrow as their clubhouse.

Page 12: Covers the recent developments regarding the purchase and conservation of the Kingsbury Farm. Here again, Yestermorrow was involved and we have provided meeting space for the steering committee and are currently managing the farm property until suitable buyer or buyers can be located (

Page 14: Has a full page spread on the Souper Bowl which was a fundraising event for the Mad River Valley Localvore Project. If you look close on the page you can see a picture of Yestermorrow's own Dan Eckstein. Kate Stephenson is very active in the group and they frequently use our conference room for meetings (

We do all of this because we believe in what we teach at Yestermorrow and we hope that others will follow these examples and undertake similar efforts in their own backyards.

Good luck on your efforts!

Bob Ferris