Concrete Decor features Fabric Forming Instructors

This month's issue of Concrete Decor magazine includes a feature article on the topic of Fabric Forming, with references to Yestermorrow instructors Sandy Lawton and Kyle Bergman. The story also includes images of the class project from the 2008 Dominican Republic Design/Build project which also featured the use of fabric forming. This innovative construction technique is taught in very few schools, and Yestermorrow is excited to be one of the locations of a week-long course and a demonstration project. Started in the summer of 2009 and scheduled to be completed by courses over the next two years, Yestermorrow's concrete cabin will provide housing for students as well as a demonstration of the technology and its diverse applications in walls, beams and roof panels.

Yestermorrow's 2010 class "Innovations in Fabric Forming with Concrete" will be held June 27 through July 2nd. Tuition for the course is $750.

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