Annie Nash: Semester in Sustainable Building and Design

Here at Yestermorrow, we offer a hands-on learning experience for students interested in exploring and engaging in the arts of design and building. Offering nearly 100 classes that emphasize the importance of sustainability, craft, and fundamental skills, our curriculum allows students to learn, think, and practice at varying scales.

The students that come here are passionate. Whether that passion stems from being a professional, Do-it-Yourselfer, hobbyist, undergraduate, lifelong learner, or wanting a career or life change, we help inspire and unite students with similar passions to create a better more sustainable world.

Annie Nash, a Texas native, enrolled in the Yestermorrow/UMass Semester in Sustainable Design/Build in the Fall of 2017. Looking for the next step in her transition between photographer and actress to architect and contractor, Annie came to Yestermorrow. Annie and 12 other students, Spent the 16 weeks designing and building a cabin for their client, for The Vermont Huts Association. A majority of the course took place on the job site, hands-on learning about carpentry and participating in building a cabin. Annie describes that Yestermorrow excites and ignites passion for building and designing: “the course makes you think about where the materials are coming from and where your interest in building is coming from.” Annie came to Yestermorrow looking for a life change. Yestermorrow helped her find that “aha moment” that will allow her to continue doing what she feels passionate about.

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