2020 Semester Design/Build - Week 9

October 26, 2020
By Eva Hogue, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


Week 9 - Written by: Tryg & Norberto

Monday - Brad gave us a lecture on the basics of electrical in our house. We learned all about breaker boxes, wiring, outlets, GFCI, grounding, and much, much more. 

Tuesday - Brad gave us a lecture on the basics of plumbing. We learned all about fittings, PEX, PVC, venting, drains, water quality, and again, much, much more. 

Wednesday - Graham continued cutting rafters for the main house. Norberto and Adam installed them (all 28 of them). Annalisa, Quinn, and Tryg worked with Brad on beginning the plumbing process and looked deeper into the house's ventilation aspects. Robbie, Callie, and Aidan finished sheathing odds and ends of the workshop walls and sheathed the entire roof with ¾” Advantech. Morgan and Ella continued designing the kitchen and all the cabinetry. Jess and others continued the tedious process of taping all the nail holes on our sheathing. After class, we watched the final speaker series on the DesignBuildBLUFF program in Utah, and it was very cool to see the parallels between our programs. A very productive day for the Yestermester.

Thursday - Crews continued working on sheathing the odds and ends of the studio (house section). Morgan and Ella met with Johno to go through the cabinetry design and afterward they began working on the overhang; finishing the entire workshop. A group of students sheathed the entire roof of the house and some continued working with Brad on plumbing.

Friday - The sheathing crew finished the last section of the house. Taping continued throughout the project and the roof of the workshop as it is being built outside. Brad and crew began working on electrical and installed some boxes in the wall but are waiting on a delivery of plumbing and wiring parts. Ella and Morgan went into full production mode again - finishing all but one wall of the overhang framing on the main house. Adam expanded the opening of a door frame that was originally dimensioned wrong. By the end of the day, everyone had essentially completed every task and used all of the materials available. We will hopefully get our siding, electrical, and plumbing parts before working on Monday as we have almost run out of things to do.