2020 Semester Design/Build - Week 3

September 13, 2020
By Eva Hogue, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


Written by Callie Reagan & Robbie Hilton

This week the semester program produced a lot of design work. In the shop we started siding our chicken coop and we learned about Shellac. Shellac serves a similar purpose to a wood stain but it's made from an alcohol base, and dries instantly.
In the studio we started learning SketchUp, and used it to build topography. Most of us found ourselves battling between SketchUp and hand drafting, and the result was a collective need for more sections of our buildings to understand them better.
We listened to two podcasts while making our diagrams, one on sand, and the importance of it to architecture, the other on skateboarding and pool design. Hearing about how much sand goes into everyday life is eye opening.
On Thursday we had a meeting as a school in regards to having a Black Lives Matter sign at the end of our driveway. A student created the sign and it was moved without notice or communication. Opening up the conversation brought some clarity to what happened and allowed for an apology to be made but was a painful process especially for BIPOC at Yestermorrow. We welcome comments on the subject.