2020 Semester Design/Build - Week 10

November 3, 2020
By Eva Hogue, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


Week #10 - Spooky Week

By: Aidan & Morgan

Electrical wiring was continued, we put circular boxes in the ceiling for overhead lights and smoke/monoxide alarms.

The first snowfall came this week and we got a space heater to keep us warm while wiring.

The studio kitchen and bathroom sink plumbing were completed early this week. Both are vented and plumbed out of the studio in the bathroom, which will connect to the shower and toilet plumbing underneath the building. This plumbing will be added at a later point.

The cabinetry designs were finalized at the beginning of this week. On Wednesday we started cutting sheets for three of the cabinets. And by the end of the day on Thursday two had been glued together, just waiting on screws. Next week we'll glue the fridge cabinet together and take the two we glued out of clamps.

The HomeSlicker (the yellow plastic on the exterior of the build), which acts as a drainage plane for water that creeps in between the building and the siding, was installed around the building.

Our siding design incorporates both metal and wood siding. The metal siding will be secured later, but we were able to stain and install the wood siding on both the studio and the workshop.