2019 Semester in Sustainable Design/Build - Tiny House

November 10, 2019
By Madi Visser, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


Hey all!


Chris here again, this time under the weekly duty and temporary title of “job captain” along with Hadley. But I suppose I should catch you up on last week, first. 

The Tiny House Fest  was a widely anticipated and successful event, despite the 40mph wind and 35 degree rain. The exhibition featured a handful of tiny houses and cabins that are open for visitors to explore, brought to show by homeowners and companies alike. There were a few stages where talks were being held in regard to tiny houses, sustainability, architecture, designing, and building. I even had the opportunity to speak about design/ build! 

On the jobsite interior walls of our double stud wall plan were beginning to be put up; the logistics behind doing so being far more complicated than originally anticipated. The sheathing was finally completed after a couple weeks of continuous effort. Everybody has been feeling rather drained This is most likely a combination of a sense of accomplishment for all the things we have done and a sense of dread for all that is yet to do. 


Signing off for now!