2019 Semester in Sustainable Design/Build - Hooligans Hammering

October 6, 2019
By Madi Visser, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


Howdy! Chris here again. Boy oh boy so much has happened since I’ve last been assigned to summarize our adventures. In this week’s episode of “Hooligans Hammering Things and Debating Dimensions” we see the cast facing a variety of challenges both unexpected and not...


But first, some context may be appropriate. 


We now have the majority of the subfloor and sub-subfloor finished; a group effort of dirty hands, knees and backs wriggling on the ground to hold 4’x8’ sheets while other screw it in. Progress has been made framing, as some walls are coming together. The subfloor, which sits on top of the two foot insulation cavity and the sub-subfloor has been a delight. Trying to match up ends and hammer the tongue into the groove in a delicate yet ferocious manner while attempting to communicate with three other people has let nailing the darn thing in place act as a well-timed aggression outlet. 

    During this process however, some casualties have been sustained. Trey ended up with hundreds of bug bites on his back while laying on an ant hill trying to screw in plywood. Sawyer’s beloved knife has fallen into the abyss of nails and twigs under the structure. I have misplaced and picked up 3 different pairs of safety glasses, and a few dozen pencils. Hadley was smacked in the face with some plywood. Aanika was almost shredded in half by a skillsaw. Emma chipped a tooth on quinoa salad. But Lily and Archie seem to be doing alright so far!


All in all, things are pretty good here in the valley.