2019 Semester in Sustainable Design/Build - Framing

October 4, 2019
By Madi Visser, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


Written by Hadley Gibson - We’ve officially wrapped up our first full week of building! In addition to laying out the floor along the helical piers that serve as our foundation, we’ve begun to frame out each of our 12 walls. This is a constantly evolving process that has proven to be both exciting and frustrating. We decided to add a flare to the openings, which will not only add dimension to our building, but also has taught us the skill of reframing a previously framed wall. Needless to say, we’ve learned to embrace and love the catspaw. Hopefully next week the walls will be standing upright on the floor with sheathing, but in the meantime please enjoy


A Limerick About Framing Walls:


There once was a group of novice builders

Each day left the site mildly bewildered

For their walls needed nails

And carefully planned details

Not just artfully placed Instagram filters