2019 Semester in Sustainable Design/Build - Final Weeks

November 18, 2019
By Madi Visser, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


Written by Lily Hammerling - Winter came this week, and we were not ready. Even though we finished the interior walls in the dorm last week, we only just started putting TJIs up. We started using the safety harnesses as we learned how slippery the scaffolding can get when snow turns to ice and the metal rungs and platforms became slick. On Monday we all sat down and talked about how much time was left in the semester, and what we, the students, wanted to get out of our last few weeks. We came up with a list that included creating a portfolio, designing and building sleeping pods, kitchenette, furniture, an interior wall (siding, Tyvek, windows, insulation, electrical, etc), SketchUp, as well as workshops on plumbing, drywall, electric, and window refurbishing. Though we still have work to do onsite, it has become very weather dependent and with record low temps this week it is nice to have other projects to focus on. The main things we have left to finish onsite are installing the TJIs, nailing the Advantek onto the roof, adding curbs, and building and installing brackets for the overhang.