Miah McClinton: Woodworking Certificate



Many of the students that enroll in our courses are looking for something different. Whether it’s a new hobby, skill, inspiration, career or life change - these students are itching for something unconventional. With our course catalog of nearly 100 creative courses that emphasize the importance of sustainability, craft, and fundamental skills, our curriculum offers that source of inspiration to develop your passions.

Miah came to Yestermorrow in 2017 to enroll in the 11 Week Woodworking Certificate. Before Yestermorrow, Miah developed her passions by being in the outdoors and finding ways to connect people through creative expression and making. She spent five years as an outdoor educator for Outward Bound. Working with a variety of age groups throughout the United States, Miah led groups of students on backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater canoeing courses that ranged in length from 4 to 50 days.

This lifestyle of adventure only encouraged Miah further to develop her creative expression. Having experience creating with embroidery, jewelry-making, and printmaking she wanted to redirect her creative outlet into a defined skill. The 11 week woodworking course provided Miah the opportunity she was looking for: a thoroughly detailed and thoughtful course that would develop her skill as well as bring inspiring role models and mentors. Throughout the course, Miah met an array of talented makers and teachers that encouraged her to keep working, embrace the experience, and offered advice on how to turn this passion into a profession.

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