Woodworking Unplugged

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Immerse yourself in the tactile joy of woodworking with traditional hand tools as you connect your own creativity to solid materials, your own woodworking knowledge to non-electric tools, and your desire to make with the environment where you do your making. Learn how to choose, sharpen, and use time-honored tools, including the axe, adze, froe, bruz, mallet, drawknife, spokeshave, plane, glut, chisel, spring-pole, and bow lathe—as you carve, turn, shave, mortise, tenon, bore, rive, and hew to create a project of your own design. All of the tools are provided, but we’ll also take a field trip to find affordable and usable hand tools that will allow you to begin to build (or further outfit) your own unplugged shop. Demonstrations and skill development are the focus for the first half of the workshop, and then we’ll turn our attention to completing projects for the second half. There will also be an evening screening of a film or two that will further inspire participants to make the unplugged way their own.


"Rod brought a great type of vested interest to Yestermorrow. He has a zeal that is infectious!"


Woodworking and Craft


Beginner, Intermediate


  • Sterling College: 2 Continuing Education Units ($260 additional)

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