Tiny House Design/Build

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Tiny houses are springing up all over the country -- from Vermont to Oregon to post-Katrina New Orleans -- as well as all over the media landscape. They can be affordable and energy efficient, reduce materials consumption, and cut our carbon footprint. In this intensive tiny house workshop, we shift back and forth between the design studio and the build site, engaging minds and bodies, as we explore design considerations and develop hands-on building skills. In the design studio, we’ll share examples of elegant, small-space design and delve into design exercises to get the creativity flowing. Tiny house tours, discussions, presentations and design exercises introduce students to a wide range of design and building techniques and ideas. The curriculum covers all the must-knows for tiny house design/build and offers students hands-on experience designing and drafting their own tiny house as well as framing and sheathing a structure.


Students in this course should expect to meet from 9-5 each day and from 7-9 pm on most evenings. There will often be lectures in the evening. If there are no lectures, the studio will be available for independent design time. 


AIA Credit Courses, Whole Structure Design/Build


All levels


  • Sterling College: 5 Continuing Education Units ($650 additional)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA): 70 HSW Learning Units

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