Sustainable Treehouse Design and Construction

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Building a sustainable tree house is among the most interesting, exhilarating and enlightening projects imaginable. Moreover, it is emblematic of everything we hope to achieve in sustainable architecture. How do we build in a natural setting without despoiling the very nature that supports us? This timeless design problem underlies our entire program. During this one week course students will learn how to design and build a sustainable tree house. In the studio we will talk about tree house design issues such as site, tree physiology and species, sustainable design, tree house structures and, let us not forget, beauty! In the field component of the course, students will learn how to safely construct a tree house design in real trees. While building we will learn construction techniques, suitable materials, tree house detailing and how to build safely. Students will walk away with the confidence and understanding of how to design and build their own tree house.


"Once again Yestermorrow has changed the way I am going to pursue my project."

"I came here with no background in building, design, or architecture and the instructors taught me everything I needed to know to be confident in the arts of treehouse building."


AIA Credit Courses, Woodworking and Craft


All levels


  • Sterling College: 3 Continuing Education Units ($390 additional)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA): 49 HSW Learning Units

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