Design Reviews

If you've been noodling over your design and you're ready to get feedback from experts, join us for a weekend of design reviews! Maybe you've been spending evenings and weekends designing your dream house (or treehouse or skoolie). Maybe you've continued playing with a design you started in a Yestermorrow course years ago. Or maybe you want a "deadline" to help you get your ideas pulled together. If you have questions about your roofline, your utilities, the use of space, your staircase, your siding options, or any variety of other topics, these design reviews will help move you forward.

Saturday morning will kick off with a quick pin-up where each student can share their project as is with the class and instructors for some initial feedback. The rest of the day and the following morning will be spent in the design studio working through your design. Instructors will be available for desk crits and support throughout. You'll have access to a drafting table, basic drafting supplies (bring your Yestermorrow drafting kit if you have it!), and model-making materials. 

This course is intended for students who have completed a Yestermorrow design course or who have significant design experience. Students are expected to have at least a basic design concept prior to coming to the course. We will not formally introduce new content in this course. 


New Course, Whole Structure Design/Build



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