Design for a Net Zero Home

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Imagine your current or future home producing as much energy as it consumes – saving you money, reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, and providing you an extraordinarily healthy and comfortable living environment along the way. Through the strategic design of spaces, well-insulated envelopes, efficient systems, and careful detailing, net-zero energy homes are readily achievable.

This course will focus on examining and applying performance-based design principles, process, and strategies to each student’s project, whether new construction or renovation. We will present readily available design tools, developing a toolkit to support our efforts. We’ll strategize the incremental steps often required in moving existing buildings toward net-zero energy goals. And we will explore the process of strategic energy master planning, so students will come away with an understanding of performance-based design principles as well as an implementation strategy to apply that knowledge to their project. This course is perfect for anyone that wants to gain tools to move toward net-zero energy goals on their home or future project.


AIA Credit Courses, Building Systems Design and Building Science




  • American Institute of Architects (AIA): 35 HSW Learning Units

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