Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about attending courses at Yestermorrow?  We've compiled a handy list of Frequently Asked Questions for your reference below.

  • What is the course payment schedule, and what happens if I need to cancel?

    To hold your space in a class, we ask for a non-refundable deposit when you register ($100 for 2 day workshops; $300 for 5-6 day courses; and $500 for two-week courses). The balance is due no later than three weeks prior to the course start date. 

    If you cancel your enrollment from a class during normal office hours at least three weeks prior to the class start date, we will refund all payments less the deposit. No refunds will be given for cancellations after the 3-week deadline; the deposit for the class will be forfeited with the remainder held as a credit.

    Yestermorrow charges a $100 fee to transfer from one class to another if the transfer occurs at least three weeks prior to the start of the class from which you are transferring.  If transferring from one course to another less than three weeks before the start of the course from which you are transferring the original deposit will be forfeited. The remainder will be held as a credit which can be applied to another class.

  • When should I arrive?

    Unless otherwise noted, one-, two-, and three-day workshops begin at 9am. One and two-week courses begin at 5pm on Sunday. Check individual course descriptions for special notes on start dates and times.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time for check-in. If you will be staying in on-campus lodging, please allow enough time to get settled in. If you are going to be late, please call to let us know!

    If you are staying on campus, and will be arriving outside of our normal office hours (8:30am to 5pm), please give us a call in advance. We are happy to leave a dorm room key and/or a campus map in an envelope outside our front door for late arrivals.

  • Can I pay for classes with my AmeriCorp Education Award?

    Yes. We are able to accept AmeriCorps Educational Awards for any Yestermorrow course through our academic partnership with Sterling College. Students using their AmeriCorp award, earn Continuing Education Units at a rate of $130/per unit. Generally, a weekend course is 1 unit, a one week course is 2 units, and a two week course is 5 units. This fee for CEUs is in addition to the Yestermorrow course tuition, materials fee, lodging, and meal plan, which can be covered by the student's AmeriCorps award.

    To use your AmeriCorps Education Award, you will first register online for the desired course and put down the required deposit. The deposit will be refunded to you once Yestermorrow receives payment from AmeriCorps. Please email the Yestermorrow  Student Services Coordinator if you have registered for a course and intend to use your AmeriCorp Educational Award. 

    Please call our office at (802) 496-5545 for questions regarding the process of applying your Americorps award to Yestermorrow courses.

  • Will I be able to communicate with the outside world?

    Cell phone reception is limited here in the Mad River Valley, depending on your phone carrier. We have campus-wide wifi through a fiberoptic connection and two dedicated computers for students to use for checking email and printing documents.

  • Do I need to have health insurance to sign up for a class?

    Students enrolled in courses involving hands-on site or shop work must have major medical insurance coverage in effect for the duration of the course.  All students must fill out an Emergency Contact Form and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to the course start.

  • Do I have to have previous experience to enroll?

    No. Our students have a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, including professionals, college students, homeowners and individuals looking for alternatives to traditional higher education.  Our small class sizes and the accessibility of our instructors allow for an individualized educational experience. The level of each course is indicated in the course description; most classes are open to all levels.

  • Do I need a car?

    Not necessarily, though it certainly simplifies things. Getting to and from the airport, or bus and train stations will require taxi service, but if you are staying on campus, you can be fairly self-sufficient once you are here. There is free bus service throughout the Mad River Valley during the ski season.

  • Can I get college credit for attending courses at Yestermorrow?

    Students can receive college credit for courses taken at Yestermorrow at the discretion of the receiving school.  We are happy to assist you in this process and can issue a Yestermorrow transcript or grade report, however we will need to know in advance that you plan to get credit for the course. See our Registration page for more details on credit options.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    No dogs are not allowed on campus (or pets of any kind). There are two local kennels and a doggie daycare nearby; please call us for more information.

  • Why does my class have a materials fee?

    A materials fee, in addition to class tuition, pays for materials used by individual students in classes that have a personal project component. In essence, the fee enables students to purchase those materials, and bring them home with them after the class.

  • Can my family (or friend) stay with me in the dorm or cabin?

    Unfortunately, campus lodging (dorms, cabins and campsites) are for students only. There are some rare exceptions to this rule. Please contact us if you have questions - [email protected]

  • What are my options for meals?

    For a reasonable cost, we offer 3 meals a day, 7 days a week cooked and served right here on campus.  Complete details can be found on the Meal Plan page.   There are also numerous restaurants (from pizza to 5-star) in the immediate vicinity and we offer a small self-service kitchen for students who want to prepare their own meals.

  • For whom are we building the class project?

    Productive classes are reliant on worthwhile projects. For classes with a group project component, our priority is for the project to optimize the learning potential for the students and meet the teaching goals of the instructors. We work with local community groups as well as private clients to find the best possible project for each class.

    Depending on the course, some project work may take place at the client's site, and we will provide transportation to and from the site. For more information, please visit our In the Community page.

  • What should I bring?

    If you are taking a shop class or hands-on building course, please bring appropriate safety equipment (eye and ear protection). Safety glasses and ear protection are available for sale in the Yestermorrow office. It is not necessary to go out and purchase tools before a class. In fact, it is better to try out the tools we have to allow you to make more informed purchasing decisions. Sturdy work or hiking boots are recommended. If you are taking a design class, please bring personal project information, site plans, articles, drawings, photos, clippings, or whatever else will assist you with the design process. If you are staying in one of our cabins or in our camping area, please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, and flashlight or battery-powered lantern. We provide linens and towels for students staying in dormitory rooms. In general, a flashlight, a notebook, camera, rain gear and comfortable clothing are recommended.

  • What is the surrounding area like?

    We are located in the Mad River Valley, in the geographic center of Vermont. We are about midway (2-3 miles) between two small villages, Warren and Waitsfield. Waitsfield is the Valley's commercial center, with grocery, natural food, hardware stores, restaurants, etc. Though rural, the area is a resort center with Sugarbush and Mad River Glen ski areas nearby, so there are quite a few amenities.

  • Do you sell gift certificates?

    Yestermorrow gift certificates are available in any denomination. We'll print out a nice certificate on parchment paper and send it along to the recipient of your choice. Give us a call at 802-496-5545 to purchase.

  • How many people share a dorm room or cabin?

    We generally put two people together in our dorm rooms or cabins. In extremely busy situations, we may put a third. We keep genders separate, unless you are attending with your spouse or partner and specifically request a room together.

  • Do you accept international students?

    Yes, all Yestermorrow programs are open to everyone. All courses are taught in English and students are expected to be able to understand and speak the language.

  • How far in advance should I register for a course?

    For most classes, we recommend registering 2-3 months in advance; although we will continue to accept registrations on a space-available basis until a class reaches its capacity (most classes have a maximum between 6 and 15 students). If the class you hope to take is full, we are happy to place you on a waiting list in case there is a cancellation. When there is space available, we will accept registrations up until the day before the class begins.

  • How do I get to Yestermorrow without a car?

    The nearest airport is Burlington International (BTV) which is about 50 minutes away, at which you can access all major car rental companies. You can get cab service between the airport, bus station or train station to campus. See our Directions and Travel Options page for more details.