Yestermorrow offers four certificate programs designed for individuals looking for intensive, in-depth, hands-on opportunities for deepening understanding, acquiring functional skill sets, and widening career opportunities.  Open to educational enthusiasts of all ages (from 18 up), our certificate programs offer intensive learning opportunities for anyone seeking a blast of career development in a timeframe substantial enough for real growth, but short enough to squeeze in around other family and career obligations. 

Natural Building Certificate

Our six-week Natural Building Certificate is a unique course of study providing hands-on exploration of earthen and natural elements and the means by which they can be used to create structures and shelter.  From the design and planning stages through the finishing touches, students will gain comfort and experience working with straw, wood, clay, sand, stone, water, and lime as they design, erect, shape, sculpt, and detail the walls, roofs and floors that enclose healthy, comfortable, low-impact, living spaces.   The program includes an Introduction to Natural Building, as well as segments on Insulative Natural Wall Systems, Thermally Massive Natural Wall Systems, Natural Plasters, Advanced Plasters and Finishes, Earthen Floors, Natural Paints & Finishes and a culminating individual project.  The Natural Building Certificate provides the opportunity to develop a range of natural building skills for owner-builders and aspiring professional natural builders alike.

Woodworking Certificate

Our 11-week Woodworking Certificate program is designed to give amateurs and aspiring professionals a solid grounding in woodworking and furnituremaking techniques, led by Yestermorrow's talented and nationally recognized faculty. Skills learned in the Certificate program include design and drafting, wood selection and preparation, joinery, traditional hand skills, sharpening, power tool techniques, and finishing. The curriculum has a strong focus on the integration of design in the woodworking process, part of Yestermorrow's core philosophy of design/build.

Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design

Our Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design provides students with a solid grounding in sustainable design principles, along with hands-on experience in the design/build process. Ranging from community-scale planning to the details of photovoltaic installation, the Certificate covers a broad spectrum of topics from small to large scale. Balancing theory with hands-on practice, students have the opportunity to explore alternative, innovative, and experimental design and building methodologies and materials. The Certificate program is designed for those wishing to learn the art of design/build while developing a strong understanding of the concepts and methods of green design.

Regenerative Design Certificate

Going beyond the “Do Less Harm” mainstream of sustainable design, Yestermorrow's groundbreaking four-week certificate program in the emerging field of Regenerative Design focuses on how designers and builders can help to regenerate healthy landscapes, localities, and communities. For centuries the fields of design have focused on the mechanical and structural aspect of building. But structures are entropic; they fall apart. Regenerative design follows nature’s lead, and begins with processes—of design, of construction, and of life. It uses the lens of biology to expand design beyond the engineered. Designing processes, we will explore how the built environment can serve the patterns of nature rather than compromising them.

New Partnership with Goddard College

Find out more about how to earn Goddard College credit for completing a Certificate Program at Yestermorrow.

Upcoming Certificate Programs

Natural Building Certificate:

May 4-June 13, 2014; May 3-June 12, 2015


Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design Core Curriculum:

May 25-June 13, 2014; January 18-February 6, 2015


Woodworking Certificate:

September 7-November 21, 2014; January 18-February 6, 2015


Regenerative Design Certificate:

April 19-May 15, 2015