Window Restoration Technician/Woodworker

Olde Window Restorers in Warner, NH is looking for two new people for our small crew.
Our work focuses on the restoration, repair, and maintenance of antique wooden windows as well as weatherization. We strive to keep our work accessible to the general public and emphasize the sustainability of repair over replacement.

Most of our work is done in a 4,000 square foot former fire station. We remove the glass, and strip the windows to bare wood, perform any wood repairs needed to them, reinstall the original wavy glass, and hand paint them. Everybody at the shop is trained in and participates in each step of this process, though we each tend toward certain tasks and roles. We are specifically seeking one person to assist in woodworking repairs.

We are looking for fast learners with a strong attention to detail. No previous experience in our field is needed but we are seeking one person with woodworking experience and interest. Somebody with furniture making or cabinetry experience would be more at home in this line of work than someone with construction experience and we often seek out visual artists when we are hiring.

The starting pay is between $16-$18 per hour depending on your skillset. As your skills develop and the company grows we can offer better pay.

The work is year round and doesn't slow too much in the winter months. Most weeks we work between 35-40 hours. Because we are all independent artists, craftspeople, gardeners, etc. we try to leave time for these things in our schedule. The things we do outside of our job are integral to the work itself, our health, our livelihoods, and our community, so we respect that time.

-Ability to lift 50#
-Ability to work on your feet all day
-Strong attention to detail
-Reliable transportation
-Some woodworking experience preferred