Lead Carpenter

Full Job Description
The Lead Carpenter is responsible for executing projects/production activities that support the goals of the company. These goals include satisfied customers, excellent work we can be proud to contribute to the community, and attaining the desired profit margin for each job through organized, efficient use of time, materials, and subcontractors.

Specific Duties:

1. Review the estimate with the estimator prior to the project being sold. Check to assure that the labor and materials budgets appear to be sound and well thought out. Identify errors or omissions in the estimate to assure that the job can be performed to a satisfactory conclusion at the specified profit. This may be unnecessary for smaller, simpler jobs.

2. Meet on-site with estimator to review the existing conditions to further consider the duties outlined above in #1.

3. Prior to the start of the project, the lead carpenter and the estimator will meet with the customer in a pre-construction conference where all details and potential problems will be ironed out. On smaller, simpler projects this may not be necessary. The lead carpenter will now become the main point of contact for the client and will assume the following responsibilities:

Ordering of all materials that were not ordered in advance so that they are on-site or in the shop when needed, minimizing the daily trips to the lumber yard
Assigning tasks to staff
Communicating with office and production staff your projects’ manpower needs to work towards efficient production and progress on the project.
Coordinating scheduling with subcontractors in advance of needing them on-site and assuring their work is completed in a professional and timely manner, upholding the expectations of the job site (no smoking etc).
4. Contact property owner/s on a twice-weekly basis minimum to assure that they feel well informed and attended to.

Share progress reports with homeowners
Share intended progress for the upcoming week with homeowners
5. Communicate all supplemental changes to the Estimator. Work with and respond to any questions from the Estimator to work towards achieving accurate pricing for supplemental work.

6. Oversee other CCI staff. Confirm accuracy of time cards as necessary.

7. Review Estimated vs Actual reports with Bookkeeper and/or estimator to work towards the goals of the estimate.

8. The Lead Carpenter will work with the Bookkeeper to convey information necessary for generating progress invoicing.

9. Receive progress payments from clients and deliver to bookkeeper.

10. Arrange with the Building Inspector for all inspections required for the project, including the final inspection.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $28.00 - $38.00 per hour


Paid Time Off
Referral Program
Retirement Plan

Monday to Friday
Supplemental Pay:

Signing Bonus

Construction: 5 years (Required)
Carpentry: 5 years (Required)