Do you love to work with your hands, solve problems, and see the tangible results of your work at the end of the day? Maine Passive House, one of the area’s leading general contractors of energy efficient homes, is looking for a full-time Carpenter with at least 3 years of building experience. If you're motivated by quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and building science, we'd love to hear from you. We value diversity in our crew and encourage people of color, women, and LGBTQ carpenters to apply. $20-25/hr to start, plus paid holidays and vacation.

General Description: The Carpenters on our team have the ability to follow specific instructions from a Lead Carpenter, true manual dexterity, a conceptual understanding of wood frame construction, a firm grasp of safety, basic tool use, accurate cutting, basic painting, and framing. A carpenter can read plans, understands basic building science and building envelope details, and is a problem-solver.

Required Tools: Tool belt, tape, framing hammer, speed square, utility knife, screw drivers, cat’s paw, circular saw, cordless drill set, chalk line, flat bar, 2” sash brush good quality, 2” square edge nylon all purpose paint brush, jig saw, socket set, advanced cordless kit, sawzall, hand saw, drywall key hole saw, jobsite table saw, 10” sliding compound saw, personal drywall tools, extension cords, step ladder.

Required Attire: Work gloves, appropriate work clothing and footwear, and basic personal protective equipment (ear protection, safety glasses, etc).

Skill Set:

Ability to accomplish tasks proficiently by themselves and accomplish without supervision.
Ability to layout wall framing, floor framing, and limited roof framing and proficient in wall, floor and all but complicated roof framing.
Can operate all required tools, and table saw and compound miter saw safely and efficiently.
Can be involved in all phases of exterior siding and trim.
Can lay all phases of hardwood flooring and build and apply interior trim.
Beginning to learn drywall hanging and taping.
Able to cut tile, mix grout and thinset, and assist in tile laying, grouting, and clean up.
Can assist in hanging kitchen cabinets, install door knobs, adjust doors, etc.
Ability to apply roofing underlayments and finishes.
Proficient in door and window installation and flashing procedures.
Can perform accurate sill layout.
Roofing skills include valleys, edge and ridge cap, standing seam skills, and shingles.
Understands and can spot/adjust, trouble shoot all waterproofing, flashing, and underlayment scenarios.
Understands and is proficient in laying basic to mid-level tile installations as well as grouting and caulking procedures.
Proficient in interior trim installation.
Proficient in all aspects of drywall installation.
Able to hang kitchen cabinets as the lead, including layout, leveling, trouble shooting, room discrepancy solutions.
Can paint interior and exterior body and trim proficiently, and neatly without the use of masking tape.
Can cut and install rough and finished stairs alongside a Lead Carpenter.
Proficient in safe usage of all ladder, scaffold and harness equipment as well as set up and safety monitoring.
Can make basic to midlevel material lists for framing, sheathing, and trim.
Global understanding of all major aspects of construction projects company performs (as opposed to sequential learning). Involves being able to foresee the next several steps so as not to have to back track, duplicate work, or do unnecessary work because of oversight.
Able to give sequential instructions to Apprentices within company protocol.

Reports to: Lead Carpenter

Compensation Range: $20.00-25.00/hr

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00 to $25.00 /hour