Elegant and ancient, concrete is finding a new home in the modern kitchen and bathroom. From the countertop to sink, bathtub to desktop, almost anything is possible with the malleable properties of concrete. In this workshop, participate in every aspect of the process of forming, mixing, coloring, pouring, and sealing concrete countertops as we design and build a custom piece. Concrete mix design, reinforcement, and admixtures will also be covered.

Course start time: Saturday, 9am
Course end time: Sunday, 5pm

  • Competency Level: All Levels
  • Sterling College credits: 1 Continuing Education Unit ($130 additional)

Course Objectives

  • Templating, finding the shape to be formed
  • Forming, making a water tight shape to pour into
  • Materials, review types of materials needed and sources
  • The Mix, formulas and accepted standards
  • Placement (pouring) and vibration
  • Reinforcement, steel and fiberglass
  • Deforming, how and when to reveal your work
  • Hardeners and sealers, options for finish
  • Color and decoration, Dye formulas, acid etching, inlays, diamond ground finishes


  • Knowledge of power tools (if you are planning to join in)
  • Basic carpentry skills

Suggested/Required Reading

Fu-Tung Cheng. Concrete Counters

Materials to Bring

  • Wear work cloths and bring a pad and pencil if you want to take notes

Class Schedule

The class will begin the weekend at about 9:00 am on Saturday and end between 4:00-5:00 pm on Sunday. We will take time out to eat and sleep as well as the other important things. We will field questions through out the weekend.


Start Date: November 16, 2013
Start Date: April 26, 2014
Duration: 2 Days
Tuition: $400
Start Date: July 19, 2014
Duration: 2 Days
Tuition: $400
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