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Course Name Start Date Duration Instructor(s)
Sustainable Forestry: Harvest and Mill Your Own Lumber
4/25/2014 2 Days Nick Zandstra
Concrete Countertops
4/26/2014 2 Days Michael Paulsen
Building Energy Bottom Lines
4/26/2014 2 Days John Abrams
Timber Framing
4/27/2014 6 Days Skip Dewhirst Josh Jackson
Carpentry for Women
4/27/2014 5 Days Patti Garbeck Lizabeth Moniz
Electricity: Safe and Secure
5/2/2014 2 Days Jan Ruta
Natural Building Certificate
5/4/2014 30 Days Ryan Chivers Ace McArleton Jacob Deva Racusin
Greenhouse Design
5/24/2014 2 Days Chris Chaisson
Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design
5/25/2014 35 Days Chris Jackson Andrew Keller Mark Krawczyk Ed Lowans Rudy Polwin
Furnituremaking Tutorial
6/1/2014 1 Days Randy Taplin
Woodturning Tutorial
6/1/2014 1 Days Richard Montague
Welding and Metalworking Tutorial
6/1/2014 1 Days Chris Eaton
Intro to Tadelakt: Fine Finish Plaster
6/7/2014 2 Days Ryan Chivers
From Forest to Forge
6/9/2014 12 Days Eric Cook Chris Eaton
Root Cellar Design
6/14/2014 2 Days Chris Chaisson
Yurt Design/Build
6/14/2014 2 Days Taz Squire
Permaculture Design Certification
6/15/2014 12 Days Andrew Faust Chris Jackson Lizabeth Moniz
Strawbale Design/Build
6/15/2014 5 Days Julie Krouse Ace McArleton
The Art of Stone
6/15/2014 5 Days Thea Alvin
Build an Earthen Oven
6/21/2014 2 Days Simha Bode Mark Krawczyk
Design for Deconstruction and Reconstruction
6/22/2014 6 Days Patti Garbeck G. Bradley Guy
Regenerative Development and Design
6/29/2014 5 Days Joel Glanzberg
Youth Design/Build
6/29/2014 5 Days Jacob Mushlin
Intro to the Woodshop
7/5/2014 2 Days Paul Derksen
Renewable Energy for Homes
7/5/2014 2 Days Larry Reeger
Cabinets and Built-Ins
7/6/2014 5 Days Paul Derksen
Rethinking Water Infrastructure
7/6/2014 5 Days Barton Kirk Harold Leverenz Pete Munoz
Build a Willow-Ribbed Canoe
7/11/2014 2 Days Hilary Russell
7/11/2014 2 Days Matthew Davis Ken Oldrid
Mushroom Insulation
7/12/2014 2 Days Sam Harrington
Green Roof Design and Installation
7/13/2014 5 Days Andy Creath Nathan Griswold
Beginning Furniture Making
7/13/2014 5 Days Gail Grycel
Italy Design/Build: Masonry Restoration
7/16/2014 14 Days Thea Alvin Giocondo Susini
Concrete Countertops
7/19/2014 2 Days Michael Paulsen
Foundations 101
7/19/2014 2 Days Marvin Davidson
Tiny House Design/Build
7/20/2014 12 Days Patti Garbeck Paul Hanke Lina Menard Lizabeth Moniz
Woodworking Unplugged
7/20/2014 5 Days Rod Northcutt
Rigging, Rolling and Raising
7/26/2014 2 Days Robert Riversong
Timber Framing
7/27/2014 6 Days Sean Dalton Shannon McIntyre
Super Insulation for Zero-Energy Buildings
8/2/2014 2 Days Bill Hulstrunk John B. Unger Murphy
Home Design/Build
8/3/2014 12 Days Rob Maddox Kathy Meyer John Ringel
Design/Build for Public Interest
8/3/2014 12 Days Jim Adamson Steve Badanes Bill Bialosky
Compost-Powered Hot Water: Combustion-Free Energy
8/9/2014 2 Days Gaelan Brown
Plumbing Demystified
8/16/2014 2 Days Robert Riversong
Solar Design
8/16/2014 2 Days Hilton Dier III John Ringel
Solar Electric Design and Installation
8/17/2014 5 Days Bob O'Hara
Solar Hot Water Design and Installation
8/23/2014 2 Days Bob O'Hara
Basic Carpentry
8/24/2014 5 Days Patti Garbeck Lizabeth Moniz
Timber Framing
8/24/2014 6 Days Sam Norris
Beehive Design/Build
8/30/2014 2 Days Carol Stenberg
Sustainable Treehouse Design and Construction
8/31/2014 7 Days Erik Hegre Eyrich Stauffer
Compost-Powered Hot Water: Combustion-Free Energy
9/6/2014 2 Days Gaelan Brown
Woodworking Certificate
9/7/2014 55 Days Justin Kramer
Woodworking Certificate
2/1/2015 55 Days Justin Kramer
Regenerative Design Certificate
4/19/2015 20 Days Joel Glanzberg

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