Tiny Alternatives, Big Lifestyles

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If you're exploring the notion of decreasing the square footage of your living space to increase your happiness, freedom, and flexibility this weekend workshop is for you. In this two-day workshop we'll explore inspirations for simplifying and dig into a variety of space-efficient housing options. Whether you're looking to build a tiny house on wheels, convert a garage into a studio, travel in a van, turn your friend's basement into a mother-in-law unit, create an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or just downsize to a smaller place, we'll explore all these possibilities and the amazing lifestyle options that accompany them. We'll also address the legal, financial, social, and logistical issues you may encounter with each one. We'll also discuss downsizing strategies and share a bunch of practical life hacks to make the most of your small space. We'll consider what our essentials are and what makes us feel comfy, learn space-saving tips, and talk about how to build community and happiness routines so we can be at home wherever we go.


Please note: the August session of this course takes place off campus in Burlington, VT


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