Project Inquiry

A crucial aspect of our continued success derives from the supportive spirit of the community around us. In turn, we are committed to improving and contributing to our local community.

Yestermorrow is a school that utilizes experiential learning. As such, some of our courses seek clients with real project needs that will allow our students a hands-on learning opportunity. Some typical class projects include: sheds, playhouses, small outbuildings, treehouses, small covered pavilions, small renovation projects, photovoltaic installations, tiny houses, green "living" roofs, yurts, earthen ovens, and cabinets.

Limitations: Our classes are generally short, which prompts limits on the scale and scope of the projects we can undertake. The distance of your location from our campus might also be a limiting factor, unless the project can be built at our campus and shipped to its final destination. And lastly, projects we undertake need to fit squarely with the learning goals of our specific classes.

Expenses: Thought the student labor we provide comes at no cost to the client, there are other expenses. Clients are responsible for the cost of all materials utilized in the building of the project, plus a 20% overhead charge that covers incidentals and tool maintenance. Clients also pay for any design work provided by the school or by the instructors of the class. Other expenses might include the rental of special tools or equipment that the school might not own, and any charges related to the delivery of materials or the shipping or transporting of the final project.

Project Completion: Though we make every effort to select projects that we can complete within the confines of a given course, we make no guarantees about providing a finished product. There is a possibility that the client will need to finish the project him or herself, or hire someone to do so. Our priority is a quality educational experience for our students, not the completion of the project.

Yestermorrow receives many requests by individuals and organizations for these project services. If you are interested in being considered, please fill out the following questions as completely as you are able. We will be in touch with follow up questions, or to let you know if your request is under consideration or not.

Thank you for your interest in working with Yestermorrow.

If for an organization, what is the name of the organization?