If you are looking for a more intensive and expansive educational experience than are provided by our short courses, our Certificate, Semester, and Internship programs provide an opportunity for a depth of learning and skill-building you're unlikely to find anywhere else.  Whether you are a student looking for an alternative, hands-on learning environment, a professional seeking new career opportunities, a tradesperson seeking skill development, or a future homeowner looking to design it and build it with your own two hands, our longer-term programs provide experiential exposure to the design/build process at scales varying from furniture to communities.

Certificate Programs

Yestermorrow offers four certificate programs designed for individuals looking for intensive, in-depth, hands-on opportunities for deepening understanding, acquiring functional skill sets, and widening career opportunities.  Open to educational enthusiasts of all ages (from 18 up), our certificate programs offer intensive learning opportunities for anyone seeking a blast of career development in a timeframe substantial enough for real growth, but short enough to squeeze in around other family and career obligations. 

Semester Program

The Yestermorrow-UMass Semester in Sustainable Design/Build offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary, whole-systems thinking while developing fundamental technical skills in architecture and construction.

Work and Learn Program

Yestermorrow offers a variety of educational opportunities for individuals seeking an intensive work-learn experience at the School including teaching assistantships, internships for college credit, and apprenticeships for recent graduates.

Students featured on WCAX-TV

Students and instructors of our 2010 Natural Building Intensive were featured on local television station WCAX.  Watch the 3-minute video here.